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How to print your own poster

The printing process has been simplified in a big way.The process can be done in less than 10 minutes, but you’ll need a lot of paper and paper clips.There’s a simple guide to get started.1.Cut a piece of paper...

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How to buy and print business cards from the comfort of your living room, study or office, business card printers say

The best way to print business card templates, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, is to buy them online.However, they are a hassle to use and a costly proposition to buy, as they require a dedicated printer.Business...

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How to print and store your food stamps in the microwave

The Food Stamp program is the largest welfare program in the United States, with millions of recipients in every state and every community.But in recent years, some states have been turning to new ways of providing the cash to...

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How to get your own ‘epson’ printer

If you are interested in making your own printer, this is the post for you.There are plenty of guides online, but the one I use is by Jeff Ritter, the owner of Epson Ecotank, a manufacturer of the epson...

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