local print shops


What is the best printer for your printing needs?

If you are looking for a printer for the price you can spend on it, or if you want to print your own documents for the money, you can look no further than Canon.They offer a number of printers...

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What do I need to know about a local print shop?

By Chris O’Connell / Staff WriterWith the national holiday holiday looming, local printers are making the most of the holiday.Many of them have already opened in the coming days, and many more are expected to do so over the...

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How to make a new home for your 3D printer

What is 3D printing?What does it do?What can I do with it?This is a must-read for anyone who has ever had a problem printing something from a file.There are several ways to use 3D printers, but the most popular...

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How to make a cow paw print wallpaper

It’s a cute little image, but it really does have to be done on your own, if you want to keep the print off the walls of your home.A little DIY, if there ever was one, and one you...

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