cheap photo prints


Why are you using cheap photo printers?

The photo print industry has a lot of problems, but one problem that most people don’t realize is that the prices are way too high.When you go to the post office, the price for a photo print is $2.00...

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How to take a photo of the game with your phone

A new app has been launched that lets you take a selfie with your smartphone to record your game highlights from around the world.The app is called Sporty Snapshot, and it lets you capture a 360-degree picture of a...

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How to use the cheap photo print for your own 3d printer

Posted by Hacker News on November 30, 2018 15:22:24I’ve seen a lot of people trying to use cheap photo paper as a replacement for cheap inkjet printers, so I decided to give it a try.I have a 3d printed...

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