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3D printer paper ‘cheap’ and ‘cheapskate’ – What you need to know about printers

The price of 3D printers has skyrocketed since the release of the first, but it’s not a perfect analogy.We’ve seen many cheaper printers that cost less than $1,000 and many more that cost thousands or even millions.But the one...

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‘3D printing is a way to create the perfect medicine’: Science

The first ever 3D printed drug is in the works and it’s a drug that can be used in a way that has never been seen before: as a drug.The drug, called Rifampin, is made from stem cells that...

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$25,000 3D printer is cheaper than $1,500 used one

Cheap 3D Printers: This Is What You Need To Know article Cheap, 3D printers are a great way to build a home, but they can be pricey.Here are a few factors that make the cost of the cheapest 3D...

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Why the Leopard Print Dress was so cheap, now it’s 3D printed, by Matt H. from West Valley City, Utah, United States title $2,999 Leopard Print dress is 3D Printed at Walmart for $2.99

The Leopard Print dresses were one of the items on sale at Walmart on Wednesday, and I’m going to let the store tell the story of how they were printed.I found out about this story via my Twitter account,...

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