HP: HP printer can print up to 200,000 images per minute, but it can’t print high-res photos and videos

HP has released a new printer that it claims can print images at up to 300,000 per second.

The HP-branded 3200 is powered by the new HP ExpressPrint 3200, which is an update of the company’s earlier 3200 ExpressPrint.

While the 3200 can print a lot of high-resolution images, the company also says it can only print “1,024” images per second, which means it can print about 200,068 images per day, or roughly 24,000 photos per hour.

HP says it will be rolling out more high-speed printers in the coming months, so this isn’t the last time we’ll see HP printers.

It’s unclear how long the 3100 ExpressPrint will be supported.

HP will offer more information about the printer later this month.

The HP ExpressBook 3200 has a 4-inch display, which can be used as a desktop PC or a notebook.

The 3200 also supports USB 3.0 and Ethernet, but not Thunderbolt 3.

HP’s printer costs $999, while the ExpressBook Pro 3200 starts at $1,299.

Posted by Mike Cernovich at 4:38 AM

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