Google, HP to launch Bear print printer drivers

Google and HP are set to launch printers that can print models in the Bear Print family of printers.

Google’s Bear print printers will include an integrated printer driver, allowing them to print models that can be assembled in hardware and software, Google said on its blog.

The printers will be able to print on multiple printers simultaneously, allowing users to print the same design across multiple printers, the blog said.

The Bear print technology is similar to the technology Google is already working on to make its own 3D printing platform, the Bearprint Plus, which can print 3D objects and then assemble them into a single printed object.

Google announced Bear print last year and began shipping the technology in February 2017.

Google has been working with HP on the hardware side of the project, which was originally announced in October 2016.

HP previously announced the technology would be part of its next generation printer.

Google and HP did not say how many models they expect to produce with the new printers.