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AUSTRALIA is facing a shortage of printer cartridges, and the shortage has prompted the industry to come up with an answer: make them better.

Key points:The industry says its printer cartridges are “just as good as any other”Technology is not the only thing holding Australia back from becoming a print powerhouseIn the last year alone, Australia has spent more than A$2.6 billion to upgrade its print production infrastructure, but the problem is worse than thatIt’s a “problem we have to address”, the Australian Industry Group says.

“It’s just as good a printer as any else,” CEO Greg Stewart said.

“I’m not saying that we’re not getting better, but it’s a problem we have as a country that’s going to have to be addressed.”

Mr Stewart says there’s been a “real and immediate” response to the shortages.

The industry is trying to keep the print-makers on their toes.

“We’ve got some very exciting opportunities to develop and produce new products in the future,” Mr Stewart said on Tuesday.

“There are still opportunities out there to improve and we want to help those of us who are still struggling.”

Key points Australia has more than 1.5 million printer cartridgesIt’s estimated that between 30 per cent and 50 per cent of Australia’s print presses are offlineThe industry has been working hard to find the right solution to keep its printmakers on topTechnology is a key part of the solution, Mr Stewart says.

There’s also a demand for better technology.

“The print industry is going through some serious issues,” he said.”[We] know we’re in a very challenging environment right now, with a rapidly changing print media environment.”

But there are other areas of the industry that have also had issues.

“Some of the print technology has not been the best in some places, and we’re looking at some of those things,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Smith says there are three ways that the industry can improve its printing.

The first is through a more robust manufacturing system, but more importantly, the industry is looking at ways to increase the number of printers it has in the country.

“That means more and more of our products coming out of Australia, coming out to market in the same manner,” he explained.

“Then, of course, there’s also the ability to have the technology to do some more of the manufacturing of these things.”

He said it was important to remember that “if we’re going to print these things, it’s going in the right direction”.

Mr Stewart said the industry would continue to invest in the print process, as the print industry “isn’t going to go away”.

“We need to continue to do our bit to support our print industry in this challenging environment,” he added.

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