“This is why I hate technology”

The Washington Wizards have signed a one-year deal with Lexmark, the maker of the Silkscreen printer that the Wizards used to print their jerseys for last year’s championship game.

The team, which won a record 13 games last season, is now expected to use the printer for uniforms, training, apparel and other merchandise.

The Wizards will also use the printing company’s printers for printing jerseys and apparel for the team’s other sports, including basketball, lacrosse and soccer.

“The technology is fantastic,” Wizards coach Scott Brooks said at the time.

“We were able to do some cool stuff, like a custom jersey.

We did some cool things with the apparel too.

The technology is really good.

It’s really cool.”

The signing was first reported by ESPN.

The deal was negotiated with the NBA Players Association, and was expected to close in early July.

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