HP Laser Printer to Get $5M in FDA Approval

HP has received approval to market its new laser printer with the Food and Drug Administration, the company announced Wednesday.

The FDA’s approval is the first step in the company’s “further steps toward FDA approval of the new HP Laser Printers,” according to the announcement.HP will use the new printer to create its HP LaserJet 9000.

The printer will use HP’s proprietary 3D-printer technology and is “currently undergoing clinical testing,” according the announcement, which was also issued by the company.

It is expected to be available in mid-2017.

The company says it has a patent on the technology and expects the printer to be on the market in 2020.”HP is dedicated to advancing the development of technology that can improve lives through the use of advanced materials and printing technologies,” said HP in a statement.

“HP LaserJet 9000 is a technology platform that we are working on to further this goal.”HP is in the process of filing for a patent.

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