How to take a photo of the game with your phone

A new app has been launched that lets you take a selfie with your smartphone to record your game highlights from around the world.

The app is called Sporty Snapshot, and it lets you capture a 360-degree picture of a game in your area.

It will then display it on your TV screen and send you a link to download it via the app’s website.

The photo will then be available on your phone and can be used to upload it to Instagram and Facebook for sharing.

This is all happening at the moment, but the app will soon be available in the App Store for everyone to download and use.

It’s not the first app to let you take pictures with your phones camera, but this one is a bit more advanced.

It works by displaying the game highlights as a video.

The photos will then automatically upload to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to show off the highlights of the match.

The team of developers behind the app is SportySnapshot.

You can check out their website to see how it works.

SportySnaps are currently only available for Apple iPhones, but there is a beta available for Samsung phones.

For the time being, SportySNaps only works on Android devices.

You’ll need an Android phone running Android 4.3.4 and higher, and a smartphone with an SD card slot.

The images will automatically upload if you open the app on your mobile device, and you can also add a third party app that will take a picture with your device and send it to the app.

For now, the app only works with iPhones.

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