How to print your own poster

The printing process has been simplified in a big way.

The process can be done in less than 10 minutes, but you’ll need a lot of paper and paper clips.

There’s a simple guide to get started.


Cut a piece of paper or a photo into strips.

This is called a frame.

You can find a template online.

Cut the frame into pieces of paper about 6 inches by 12 inches.2.

Fold one side of each piece of the frame in half.

The folded side will be the top.

This will be a section.3.

Cut two sections out of the top section of each frame and cut them into strips about 3 inches wide.4.

Now fold the remaining sections in half again and you’ll get two panels.5.

Fold the two panels in half and put the panels in a paper bag or zip lock bag.

Fold each panel in half so the sides are parallel to each other.6.

Cut out the poster.

You don’t have to cut a picture, but don’t worry about it.

You’ll want to cut it into two halves and then the other half of it will be your poster.7.

You’re done.

Put the poster on the post and then put it in your printer and print.

If you want to print multiple posters, print each poster individually.8.

Go to a library and download the poster as a print.9.

Use the print to post it to your Facebook page.

Or, if you want, you can post the poster to your Pinterest board and people will see the poster, and then they’ll want more poster copies.

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