How to create your own custom stickers and printing for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but every time I post something on Facebook or Instagram, there are always people asking me if they can make their own stickers and print them out for them.

In fact, there’s a whole thread on the Etsy shop, and I’ve included the instructions in the post below.

Here’s what you’ll need: a piece of paper with your Facebook and Instagram profile picture on it (I used my own picture for the Instagram photo, but you can use any photo you want) a few stickers a sheet of paper some adhesive (I went with glue stick, but other materials will work as well) some stickers to stick the stickers to a paintbrush a pencil or eraser a ruler or measuring tape a glue stick a masking tape Some basic knowledge of how to make stickers and printed paper: the glue stick is an adhesive that can be used to attach the stickers you’ll need a paintbrush (or paintbrush paper, if you prefer) you can either use your hands or your paintbrush to make the glue stick on your paper you need to use a pencil or your ruler to make sure the adhesive sticks to the paper you’re using you want to make your stickers on paper make sure the glue sticks to your paper when you apply it to it once you’re done, you’ll have a nice nice, sticky, glossy, and sticky sticker Here’s what your stickers look like after they’re printed out:

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