How Dell Printing is Getting You Paid

Dell is now offering a new service that lets you print your own business card from your own printer.

The company is calling it “3D Printed Homes,” which the company says will “provide you with a personal and professional print of your business card.”

If you’re new to 3D printing, you can also use it to print personalized photos and designs for your business cards, but Dell’s “personalized card” service only lets you do that with the company’s printers.

The service will cost $99 a year, but you can opt out of the 3D Printing Home program and get paid directly for your prints.

The price is currently $99 per year, so you’re looking at a savings of at least $100 for the service.

Dell says it will also be offering other “printing services” as well, like a service that can “print custom labels on the back of your cards, or even custom business cards.”

The company says it is currently only selling “printable labels” but that it plans to expand the service to other products as well.

Dell will also sell your prints for $29, but those prints can only be printed on Dell’s printers, and you have to sign a contract before you can get paid for the print.

Dell is also offering a free print of a customized logo for a limited time, so if you want to add a logo to your home business card, you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

It’s not clear whether the company will offer additional customization services.

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