How to take a photo of the game with your phone

A new app has been launched that lets you take a selfie with your smartphone to record your game highlights from around the world.The app is called Sporty Snapshot, and it lets you capture a 360-degree picture of a...

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What to expect from the next 3D printing revolution

2D printing is coming.The technology, which allows people to print objects using a 3D printer, is gaining acceptance for everything from medical devices to medical supplies.Here’s what you need to know.The technology has been around for decades, but it’s...

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What’s new in the latest print media news

AUSTRALIA is facing a shortage of printer cartridges, and the shortage has prompted the industry to come up with an answer: make them better.Key points:The industry says its printer cartridges are “just as good as any other”Technology is not...

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HP printer drivers

If you’ve ever wanted to get a cheap printer, you’re in luck, HP says.HP is now selling printer drivers for the HP Precision 3200, HP Photon 5100, and HP Photons Pro 5100 printers.The printer drivers, which cost $7.99 each,...

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