I am proud to be a Paw Print Tattoo artist

A proud Paw Print tattoo artist, Prakash Vyas, has told the Hindustan Times that the ‘pawprint tattoo’ is a good way of life.

The 32-year-old has a tattoo on his arm that depicts a paw print, which he claims has a significance for him.

Vyas said he had never considered going to the tattoo parlour and having a tattoo.

“I was born in Bengaluru, my parents were from Mumbai and my mother was a teacher.

I went to Bengaluru and studied in the Medical College.

I wanted to become a doctor but it was not easy because I did not have the means to get a doctorate.

So, I decided to go to the parlours,” Vyasm said.

Veyas said his father used to make him Paw Print tattoos and he was born without one.

“My mother used to wear the Paw Print on her left arm and I had to wear it every day,” he said.

He said he has a specialised work with the paw print which is meant to signify good luck.

“It means that my mother is not going to die because she is not a bad person and she is just an ordinary person.

I was not able to do anything else, but I wanted a tattoo with a pawprint.

I chose to do this because my mother used a paw as a talisman,” he added.

Vysas said the Paw print tattoo on the left arm has a power that can help him and others to achieve great things.

“People often ask me why I do Paw Print.

It is a symbol of my belief in humanity.

It can give me the power to do good,” he concluded.

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