‘3D printing is a way to create the perfect medicine’: Science

The first ever 3D printed drug is in the works and it’s a drug that can be used in a way that has never been seen before: as a drug.

The drug, called Rifampin, is made from stem cells that can turn into new cells.

The cells are made by breaking up a piece of stem cell called a progenitor cell, which normally produces the new cell.

The progenitors are then reprogrammed into a new stem cell type that can grow into the new tissue.

The new tissue, known as a new blood vessel, then forms a new body part.

This is the first time a drug has been created by using stem cells to grow new tissue in a lab.

This could have important implications for future therapies that require a new drug to target the same tissue or the same part of the body.

This was demonstrated by using a gene therapy to restore blood flow to the brain of a paralyzed man.

The patient has regained movement but is still paralyzed.

But if you’re interested in the science behind 3D printing, you might want to check out the news from the journal Science last month that explained how stem cells can be turned into drugs.3D printer files:Medical News Today article Medical News today (MNN) is a news and information service that specializes in covering the latest health and science news.

MNN has teamed up with Science, the world’s largest scientific journal, to bring you the latest news on medical research, medical technology, food, finance and more.

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