Which iPhone will be your first?

iPhone 5s: The first thing you notice about it is the fingerprint scanner, which you can use to unlock your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C using a pin code.

The fingerprint scanner is also used for accessing the camera on the phone.

Apple’s new 3D Touch technology is also present on the iPhone 5 series, but you won’t be able to tap the Home button to launch apps, so it’s not really worth getting excited about.

The new iPhone 5 comes in a 3.5mm jack and supports 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi.

iPhone 5c: Like the iPhone 6, the new iPhone comes with a bigger, more powerful processor, but this time it has a new chip, a quad-core A11 chip.

This is the first time Apple has made a new processor for the iPhone.

The A11 is an ARM processor that runs at up to 1.6GHz, which is higher than the A10 processor used in the iPhone 7.

It’s the first processor to support OpenGL ES 3.0, which allows apps to run on an OpenGL-capable GPU.

Apple says that Apple has used OpenGL ES to power a variety of applications.

But it’s also used in some third-party hardware.

For example, you can see how an iPhone 5 can drive an NVIDIA SHIELD TV and the iPad Air.

The iPhone 5 has a camera with 12 megapixel sensors, while the iPhone X comes with 8MP sensors.

The newest iPhone has a 5.5-inch screen and a 5MP camera.

iPad Pro and iPhone 7 Plus: The latest iPads and iPhones come with iOS 11, but it’s still not clear whether the new iPad Pro will have support for Face ID.

We also don’t know how Apple plans to use Face ID in the future, and the iPhone 10s is just the latest iPad model with Face ID support.

The iPad Pro is the only iPad with Face Recognition, and Apple says it will be available for purchase on December 17.

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