The Trump-era GOP tax overhaul is coming, and it’s not for you | POLITICO’s Ben Schreckinger: Why I voted for the GOP tax plan

In a Republican Party where the party’s ideological divide is even more pronounced than in the Obama era, the tax overhaul, a signature issue of the Trump years, is a major issue.

It’s a key part of the president’s efforts to revive the party and, at least rhetorically, rebrand it.

And if it passes, it could also reshape the makeup of the Republican Party.

The legislation is being pushed as a “big win for the middle class,” but a number of Republican lawmakers have spoken out in recent days against the legislation.

One of the most vocal was Rep. Paul Ryan, who announced on Wednesday that the legislation is not in the interests of the middle-class.

Ryan is also an ardent supporter of a border adjustment tax, which is also unpopular with many Republicans.

While many Republicans are skeptical of a Border Adjustment Tax, a tax on imports that would be levied on goods shipped to the U.S., Ryan has repeatedly said he supports it.

Republicans have also said they will oppose any proposal that would raise taxes on the middle classes.

Many in the party have expressed their opposition to the bill in recent weeks.

The GOP tax reform package was originally slated to come out in January, but has since been pushed back.

Republicans are also facing a challenge in their push to pass a healthcare overhaul and other legislation in the next few weeks.

Many of the measures that will likely be on the president to sign into law include provisions that would lower tax rates for families and individuals.

Those provisions would be an important part of a broader tax package that Republicans hope to deliver next year.

In an effort to avoid the ire of conservatives, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders have been pushing back against Democrats in recent months.

A number of House Republicans have been vocal in their opposition of the tax plan, and have also been pressing the president on the border adjustment levy.

While there are many Republicans who are against the border tax, Ryan has said that the border adjustment levy is not part of his tax plan.

Ryan and others are also pressing Trump on his plans to repeal Obamacare, a proposal that has gained the support of many in the GOP.

If Trump approves the border levy, the House will likely vote on it as part of an omnibus bill next week.

The border levy would be used to fund the border wall and other parts of the healthcare overhaul.

The bill would also repeal the Affordable Care Act’s taxes on individuals, businesses, and the wealthy, which Trump has repeatedly claimed will hurt his popularity.

Ryan has also been a vocal critic of the border-adjustment tax.

As such, he has been an important figure in recent discussions about the border bill.

Ryan also has been pushing for the border to be a permanent tax, something that would benefit the American economy.

But if the border is removed, a border tax would have to be imposed on imports from countries like Mexico.

Some Republicans have argued that a border levy on imports could make the border less attractive to people in other parts the world, which could also hurt U.C.M. companies.

But some Republicans have expressed a desire to preserve the border, even if it means a border adjustation tax.

Many lawmakers have said they believe the border would still be important to the economy and the U, and they are willing to consider removing the tax in a future tax bill.

But it is important to note that Republicans in the House have expressed opposition to a border-adjusted tax, as well.

House Republicans, meanwhile, have also made clear that they will not vote on a tax bill that includes a border increase, which would be a big win for Trump.

And Ryan, as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, has also pushed back against border-increased taxes.

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