How to use cow print conundrum

The cow print challenge is not a new one, but the latest one is coming to a town near you.

The problem?

Cow prints are cheap, and many of them are actually pretty cute.

Here’s how to make a cow print from scratch for just $2:1.

Start with a cheap cloth towel.

You’ll need at least 2 inches for the first photo, which is a good bit to cover the entire photo, and 2 inches if you want a larger print.2.

Add the cotton thread.

If you are using a cheap cotton thread, this will probably cost you $0.99 at most, but it works out to $0,15 per 1/2″ (30.3 mm).3.

Cut a strip of the cotton to make the fabric.

Cut the strip into three parts, each about 2″ (60 mm).4.

Start by placing the cotton on top of a piece of cardboard, or some other sturdy cardboard.5.

Take a small square of the cardboard and fold it over itself, making a square with a long diagonal edge, and then lay a small piece of cotton across the entire square.6.

Fold the cotton over the entire cardboard piece and fold the cotton in the opposite direction, so that it’s folded into the fabric, and the folded cotton is sitting in the middle of the fabric and the cotton is facing the wrong way.7.

Then fold the other piece of the square over the cotton, so the cotton sits on top, and it’s not facing the right way.8.

Take another piece of plastic and place it in the center of the folded square.

Now place the cotton across that piece of paper, so it’s facing the other way.9.

Place the plastic in the corner of the paper.

Then, fold the plastic around the folded paper and place the cardboard into the corner.

Then place the plastic across the cardboard, and fold.10.

Take the plastic and fold over the folded plastic, so you have a square of cotton folded over the cardboard.11.

Now take a piece in each direction, and place a piece on top.

Fold over the plastic, and lay the plastic on top again.

Fold it over again, and you have two pieces of plastic on the cardboard folded over.12.

Take each piece of cloth that’s on the bottom, place it on top and fold down.

Then take the plastic piece, place the cloth on top on top once again, fold, place another piece, fold over again.

The next piece of fabric should be facing the left.13.

Place another piece on the top, fold it, and again place a cloth piece on a piece that is facing down.14.

Take your final piece of folded cardboard, place that on top as well.

Now you have an even fold of the two pieces folded over, with the two folded cardboard pieces facing the same direction.15.

Place one piece on each side of the completed print, so one side is facing up and the other side is looking down.

Place a piece next to each side, so each side is oriented with the fabric facing the correct way.16.

Take two more pieces of folded paper, put them over the two completed pieces of cardboard.

Place two pieces on each piece.

Now the second piece is facing left.

Place an extra piece on either side of this second piece, facing up.

Place other folded piece, and so on.17.

Repeat this process for the other two pieces.

You can make these prints as large or as small as you like.18.

Cut these pieces in half, as shown above, and cut out the two sides.

Put them in the freezer to cure for at least an hour.19.

Take out the freezer pieces and make a stencil.20.

Using a sharpie, draw two lines along the stencil, as seen in the picture below.21.

Draw the two lines that make up the sten

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