How to print zebra shirts in under 30 minutes

This week, we’ll take a look at printing zebra prints in under thirty minutes using a Zebra printer.

Zebra printers are designed to print at a resolution of 1/20th inch (0.8mm).

For this project, we’re printing a zebra print on a 12″ x 18″ piece of printer paper.

We used a high-resolution color print from Color Print, the only online color printer in the US.

We’ll start with a zig-zag pattern, then we’ll add a few rows of horizontal stripes to create a zipped-up print.

We then cut a square piece of paper and cut out a template.

For the zebra, we used the Zebra template, which you can find here.

Next, we need to cut out the template and a piece of the zigzag pattern.

I’m using a circular cutter for this project so that I can see exactly what I’m cutting.

I can even use my fingers if I need to.

Once I’ve got the template cut out, I lay the template on top of the paper template, then trace a line with my finger along that line.

I’ll add some more horizontal stripes with a small bit of the template to make it more detailed.

Then, I’ll use the template with a knife to cut the horizontal stripes into the zipped pattern.

Next up, we make a zippered fabric pocket.

Zippering the fabric allows the fabric to stretch out more and it also prevents it from wrinkling when it’s stretched.

The more the zippering, the more the fabric will stretch out.

I made this pocket with a simple zig zag pattern, and I’ll show you how to do it on this tutorial.

If you like the tutorials in this series, you can also get the printable zebra pattern, which is available in a set of two prints.

You can also check out the zag-zag print we made for the tutorial above, and get a free zebra tee shirt.

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