How to Make Your Own Pink Cheetah Print (And You Should)

When you’re on a hunt for a print you love to show off, you may want to consider something a little more special.

This cheetahs print is the result of an art project from a group of art students in Japan.

I was lucky enough to see a few of these prints in person and I had to make them myself.

The students behind the project, called “Pink Cheetahs Print,” created a series of prints based on various elements of their favorite cheetas.

In some cases, the print was designed to be displayed as a print on a canvas, and in others, it was made from scratch.

The prints were printed using a 3D printer and the student students chose their colors based on the color of their skin.

For the prints, the students used a combination of different materials and techniques.

The students created a print of a cheeta wearing a mask that was used as a base.

This print was then applied to a computer printer, which then printed the print using a variety of methods to create the cheetash print.

The prints are currently available for purchase online.

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