How to make a snake print boot and print a book at home using a UV printer

A snake print is a print made by heating and pressing a liquid polymer onto a paper substrate.

It’s basically a plasticized snake.

The liquid polymer is then heated until it hardens.

The snake print can then be used as a decorative item for a book or simply a novelty.

It has been used in books and newspapers for hundreds of years.

But how do you make one at home?

You need a cheap UV printer, which has a UV light and a paper printer.

You can get a cheap one at a thrift store.

You need to take the heat off the paper, which takes a while, and then heat it up again.

And you need a UV lamp that can withstand the heat and then print a large amount of material in just a few minutes.

The UV light is also a very light source, and the heat can be turned off.

Here’s how to make your own snake print at home.

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