How to make a Pink Cow Print

article You can print a beautiful pink cow print on your website, blog, or anything you can use your printer for.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using the same print as the one you see here to make our own.

To do this, we will be using one of our own original prints and a copy of the color print below.


Take a piece of paper. 


Cut out the outline of your cow. 


Fold the paper and place it on your printer. 


Turn on your inkjet and start printing. 


Once you’re done printing, you’ll need to fold the paper back over again to make sure it’s all the way folded. 


Fold it again. 


Repeat for the rest of the cow print. 



You can also make a print out of a paper clip and some scrap paper.

If you print the cow and then fold the clip over, you can still make a nice, cute cow print!

Posted by All the People at 4:04 PM

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