Glass prints from a 3D printer

Posted August 24, 2018 12:25:00 The glass prints on the left in the photo are the results of an experiment by scientists at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Photonics in Toulouse, France.

The glass print was printed using a laser from a glass printer.

The printed glass was then heated to a temperature of around 1,300 degrees Celsius (2,800 Fahrenheit).

This resulted in a temperature change of 1,500 Celsius (3,100 Fahrenheit) which produced a crystal-like structure.

The resulting crystal structure is similar to the structures found in diamond.

This is an important step towards producing glassprints that can withstand high temperatures.

The team also printed a layer of glass to give it a reflective surface.

The researchers believe this will help make them more versatile in the future.

“The next step is to create more glass printable materials,” explains Olivier Gaudin, who leads the team.

“This could allow for printing objects with more flexibility, for example with glass, titanium or carbon fiber.”

The team is now working on building an artificial lens with a 3-D printer.

This would be an upgrade from glass printed lenses which have to be assembled manually.

Another possibility for creating glass prints that are more durable would be to use a more lightweight resin.

“We have developed a material that could be used in many different applications,” says Gaudins team.

The research was published in Scientific Reports.

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