Why should you buy an HP printer?

I know, I know: I’m sure you’re thinking that’s the best way to support your printer, that you’ll end up getting a free one that’s also free to print.

You’re right, that’s not the case.

HP’s new inkjet printer, the HP 11E, will cost $2,499 for the 11-inch model.

That’s only $130 more than the Dell Precision M4050 (which is still $700 more than HP’s $3,999 printer), and that’s without the printer’s free support for custom printing options like 3D printing.

That said, you’ll want a good printer, and a decent one at that, for its full-size design.

To help you get started, I’ve compiled a guide that will walk you through the basics of inkjet printing, including: the HP’s InkJet Maker; how to print with the HP printer; and the basics on how to set up a printer.

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