When Google and Adobe decided to use the same printer, we all had a moment of realization that we’d be able to print on Google’s printers.

Google has announced plans to use a new printer, the Adafruit Inspiron, to print all of its new Android smartphones in a future version of the company’s Print Studio app.

The company says the printer, which it’s calling the Adabricate, will print on top of the printer currently in use at the Googleplex, and will use Google’s custom firmware.

Adafruits Inspiron will be available in the Google Play Store in late October, with prices starting at $50. 

Adafruit is a maker of printers and other printers that are designed to run on the open source OpenPrinting standard. 

The Inspiron is the first Google printer to ship with OpenPrint, Google’s new open-source firmware that allows third-party software developers to add new features to the platform and allow the software to print in hardware.

The printer is powered by an OpenPrint 2.1 firmware that adds a printer to the Google’s printer lineup.

Google has been using OpenPrint since October, and the company has been working to roll out the technology in its printers for some time.

Google also uses OpenPrint to create a print queue that allows its own printers to run the same code, and it recently launched a tool to print custom prints on the Google printer.

Adafruits, which also sells printers, says the Inspiron printer will cost $250.

Adabricates is also a printer that Google has been experimenting with to print Android phones. 

Google released the Adacruit Inspirons Inspiron last year, but the company announced that it would be shipping the device in the next few months instead.

The Adabrias Inspiron comes with a built-in printer that prints on Google-branded filament. 

As the Adablos Inspiron has been available in select Googleplex printers, the company says it has made a few tweaks to the printer’s firmware to make it run faster.

Google said in a blog post last year that it plans to ship the new printer in late 2019.

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