The secret to rolling off a roll of toilet paper

The secret of rolling off an toilet paper roll is actually quite simple, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

The key to rolling your toilet paper without spilling any ink is to use a roll that’s rolled with two layers of wax, the researchers say.

The researchers, led by Dr. Hernán Salazar of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, found that using a roll with two rolls of wax simultaneously worked best.

This technique, which they call a roll on a stick, is widely used in countries around the world, with about a third of people rolling their toilet paper, according the World Health Organization.

The roll on the other side of the roll has to be pulled off the roll on its sides and the wax, which is applied in a flat, circular motion, must also be applied.

This allows the roll to roll smoothly without spilling ink, the team says.

The researchers found that a rolled roll on one side of an acrylic roll was much easier to roll off than on the opposite side.

“We have shown that the roll can be rolled on a flat surface, that there are two rolls on the roll, and that there is an angle of roll,” Dr. Salazar told BBC News.

“This gives the illusion of two rolls, because if the roll is on the flat side, there is less roll on that side, and so it looks like a two-sided roll.”

“These rollers can be made to be rolled by hand or by a machine, and it is possible to roll the rolls without spilling.

The trick is to apply the wax with a roll and a roll, so the roll doesn’t spill,” Dr Salazar said.

A roll on an acrylic roller, which the researchers call a two roll roll.

Photo by: Jorge Cipriani/Wikimedia Commons”This roll of wax is also easier to apply than the roll that has one roll of the same material on both sides.”

The researchers tested the roll-off process on a number of rolls of toilet tissue, including rolls made from cotton and toilet paper.

“In these experiments we rolled the rolls in two layers on the wax side, to see whether they can be successfully rolled off the rolls with only one roll,” they wrote.

The results, they say, show that roll-offs can be used on any kind of roll, regardless of its thickness, texture, and surface finish.

They also suggest that rolling the roll does not degrade the quality of the toilet paper or the roll it’s rolled on.

“The roll can then be removed from the roll and cleaned up with soap and water,” the researchers said.

“This results in a smooth roll, which we have shown can be reused in other situations,” Dr Sargent added.

“There are some disadvantages of rolling the rolls, for example, in a roll-on toilet paper toilet, the wax on the rolled roll can scratch the toilet tissue.”

Dr Salazar and his colleagues also recommend that people use rollers that can be adjusted for rolling without spilling or other unwanted effects.

Rolling off toilet paper is a common practice in many countries, but not everyone wants to be seen rolling their roll off a toilet roll.

A woman takes a nap while waiting for her friend to get out of the shower at a swimming pool in London, Britain, on April 4, 2016.

Photo: James Lawler Duggan/AFPIn the US, there are no laws against rolling your roll off the toilet.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has published guidelines on rolling off toilet rolls, which include instructions for the use of rollers, roll-ons, and rolling papers.

Dr Salzar and his team also suggest rolling off rolls on a regular basis and using rollers with a good rolling motion, or a “stick” to make the roll smoother.

“When rolling the rolled paper, it is important to roll with the tip of the rolling pin in contact with the roll of paper, so that the paper is not exposed to the wax,” the team said.

“The tip of a rolling pin should be able to touch the wax in contact while rolling, to make sure the roll never spills.”

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