IBM says it’s bringing offline printing to all its printers, including HP-branded ones.

The Internet giant says it is rolling out offline printing for its printers in more than 70 countries including the U.S., where it already has a fleet of nearly 400.

The move is aimed at helping its customers save money by reducing the time they have to spend in the office.

In the U, the company has partnered with local printing services, such as Bookster, to make online printing a cheaper option.

The news comes a week after the company’s chief executive, Jim White, told analysts that the company was planning to add 3D printing to its print on demand service in the U., which will also let people order prints online.

The company is also looking at expanding its offline printing service, and plans to start rolling it out in the coming months.

The new service, which was announced last year, will offer customers a more convenient way to order prints from printers in the area.

In addition, the service will be available in more countries, including Germany, Italy, and Spain.

The technology is already available on IBM’s own printers.

IBM’s online service currently only lets users order prints at one location in the United States.

But the company said in a statement that the new service will let customers order prints in any country in the world, from anywhere in the globe.

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