How to take a screenshot of a Microsoft Office document using a photo from your iPhone?

You may have seen a Microsoft logo popping up in a photo of an email you sent to a colleague, but it could be that you were actually getting a photo that you could use to take the screenshot.

Microsoft is testing a new way of capturing images from your phone, called the Microsoft Photo Viewer, and you can download the free app to take screenshots on any device that has a camera and a web browser.

While the app doesn’t actually take photos, it does record your phone’s location and sends the data to Microsoft’s cloud.

The app lets you take a snapshot of the document and then view it on any PC or Mac.

The Microsoft Photo viewer uses your phone to capture the photo and send it to Microsoft.

You can use the app to capture screenshots, edit photos, and even copy text.

Here’s how to use it. 1.

Click on the Microsoft photo viewer icon in the app drawer.


Click the gear icon in either the left or the top left corner of the app.


In the app menu, click File > Export to. 4.

Click Export to Clipboard.


On the Export to clipboard screen, choose “Export as PDF”.


The new Export to PDF menu will appear.


Choose File > Save as. 8.

Select the document that you want to export.


The document will be saved to a file named document.txt.

You don’t need to save it as a PDF file to use the Photo View to take photos.

The file name and the file extension can be changed at any time.


Select a photo to use as a photo.


Select File > Open to. 12.

On your desktop, open Microsoft PhotoView.


Click “File” to open the photo in Microsoft Photoview.


In Microsoft PhotoVIEW, click the Edit button to edit the photo.


The photo will be displayed in the PhotoView window.


Click Save to save the photo to your desktop.


Click File > Close.


To see the contents of the exported file, open it on your phone.

To close the file, click it again to close it.

To view the saved document, tap it in Microsoft Photos.

To copy the document text, tap the document in the document view window.

If you have multiple documents in the file and want to see them all, click on the arrow next to the text to open it in a new tab.


To preview the document, you can click on it and drag it to the right or left to see its contents.


To share a screenshot, click Copy to clipboard.

To delete the file or copy the contents to your clipboard, click Delete to.